Difficulty paying business rates

What happens if payments are not made?

Your business rates bill

At the start of each financial year, we will send a business rates bill to everybody who is shown on the Non-Domestic Rating records as being responsible for payment.

We will send you a bill which shows the net amount due after deduction of any amounts you may be entitled to in respect of:

We will amend the Non-Domestic Rating records where a change occurs and issue an amended bill to you, normally within 5 working days of receiving the relevant information.

Each bill will allow payment to be made by monthly instalments on the 1st of the month and at least 14 days will be allowed before the first instalment is due.

If you disagree with your bill

If you disagree with the bill which has been sent, we can be contacted to discuss what you object to and why. If your grievance is about a valuation matter and you intend to follow the appeals procedure to the Valuation Tribunal, you will still be expected to pay the instalments as and when they become due.

If you have difficulty in paying

If, when you receive your bill, you think you will have difficulty in paying your instalments, contact us to discuss an alternative arrangement for payment.

All instalments are due on the 1st of each month. If you do not pay your instalments as they become due, we will send you a Reminder Notice to advise you of the amount of arrears. If you bring your payments up to date within seven days, you will be allowed to continue paying by instalments. However, if your instalments are not brought up to date, the full balance on your account will become payable and we can take Court action to enforce payment of the debt.

In circumstances where your payments have been brought up to date but you later miss an instalment, you will be sent a Final Notice and the balance for the year will be come due in full. Again, we can take Court action to enforce payment of the debt.

Contact us

You can still contact us to discuss an arrangement for payment, even when the full balance has become payable on your account. However, we may insist on continuing with the Court action to secure the Council's interests.


Last reviewed: 24 - 10 - 2013

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