Raising the bar in recycling: Your chance to talk rubbish and recycling with Oxfordshire’s councils

Released on January 10, 2018

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Residents are being given the chance to talk rubbish and recycling and tell Oxfordshire’s county, city and district councils how they can help them recycle more and create less waste.

Did you know that each household in Oxfordshire produces one tonne of waste each year?

While are among the best in the country at recycling and composting, recycling rates have started to drop in Oxfordshire.

This consultation will inform the review of the joint countywide waste strategy, which sets out shared priorities across Oxfordshire for waste and recycling until 2030 and which will be approved by the Oxfordshire Environment Partnership over the summer. Then, each council partner will adopt changes later in the year.

We want to do better at recycling and the new joint countywide waste strategy is critical to this. We know that, on average, more than half the items put in the general waste bin could have been recycled - by placing them in the other available bins.

Through this consultation, residents are being asked what would help them to recycle more and reduce their overall waste. This could include expanding the range of materials that can be recycled at the kerbside and tips and advice on leftover food, upcycling clothing or donating or buying second hand goods. The councils are also seeking views on more radical schemes that have been implemented elsewhere in the country, such as changing bin sizes and collection frequency.

Councillor Tony Harbour, Cabinet Member for waste and recycling at South Oxfordshire District Council,said: “South Oxfordshire residents have a great track record for recycling and I would like to thank everyone for all their efforts. We are pleased to work with the county council and other districts on planning for waste and recycling services for the future, and will continue to do all we can to provide high quality collection services for our residents.”

Councillor Yvonne Constance, Cabinet Member for Environment at Oxfordshire County Council said: “We want to help residents to increase the amount they recycle and have looked at what other councils are doing. This is a long-term strategy and we will not be making any immediate changes however we are interested in which of these the residents of Oxfordshire think may work for them as we seek to minimise the overall amount of residual waste produced in the county.”

Do you want to recycle and reduce waste? So help us by taking part in the online survey at www.recycleforoxfordshire.org.uk This link will take you to an external website... . The survey is now open and will close on 18 February.



  • Recycled 57 per cent of their waste in 2017
  • Produced 60,000 tonnes of household waste
  • Population 146,300


  • Recycled 49 per cent of their waste in 2016/17
  • Produced 47,000 tonnes of household waste
  • Population 161,300


  • Recycled 64 per cent of their waste in 2017
  • Produced 50,000 tonnes of household waste
  • Population 138,100


  • Recycled 63 per cent of their waste in 2017
  • Produced 42,000 tonnes of household waste
  • Population 128,700


  • Recycled 63 per cent of their waste in 2017
  • Produced 46,000 tonnes of household waste
  • Population 108,700