First new waste and recycling trucks ready to set out next week

Released on August 10, 2017

First new waste and recycling trucks ready to set out next week

The first of a new £6.5 million pound fleet of waste and recycling trucks will set out next week - ahead of schedule - marking the start of improved collections in southern Oxfordshire.

Residents will begin to see some of the new trucks out collecting their recycling from Monday (14 August).

These are the first of an entire new fleet of vehicles to provide improved waste and recycling collections for all 115,000 households across South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse, replacing old trucks that have become unreliable.

The new trucks are covered in eye-catching designs promoting recycling messages.

Cllr Jane Murphy, Deputy Leader of South Oxfordshire District Council, said: “There have been issues with the current vehicles affecting some collections in recent weeks and we’d once again like to apologise for this. It is, however, fantastic to see a £6.5 million investment in a whole new fleet and we are extremely pleased that the first of the vehicles have arrived and will be in action ahead of schedule.

“This is something we have been pressing for and, with more vehicles on their way next month, the entire fleet is set to be in place by early autumn which is good news for our residents.”

With the introduction of the new fleet, there will be a change to the way waste, recycling and rubbish is collected. At present, food waste and recycling is collected in separate compartments within the same truck.

When the new fleet is in place, these collections will be carried out by two separate vehicles – one for food waste, another for recycling or rubbish. This will not affect residents’ collection days or the way they use their bins.

A Biffa spokesperson added: “We’re delighted to get the new vehicles, which should help make a real difference to the waste services that residents in South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse expect and deserve.”

Residents can stay informed about waste and recycling collections via the councils’ websites and are reminded of the change to collection days following the Bank Holiday on Monday 28 August.