Local residents to benefit from new levy

Released on November 1, 2016

Nearly £5m income from developers is due to be paid to South Oxfordshire District Council for infrastructure projects to support housing and employment growth across the district.

The funding, which is provided by developers through the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), will benefit local communities by paying for important projects such as improvements to local transport, schools and community facilities.   

The first to benefit from the scheme are the residents of Henley, following work starting on a development on a local site. The town council will receive 25 per cent of a £20,000 payment, rather than 15 per cent, because it has an adopted Neighbourhood Plan. The £5,000 will be invested in local infrastructure. 

The District Council has also received £15,000 from the same developer, which will contribute to other major infrastructure projects to support new development across the district.  

Cllr John Cotton, Leader of South Oxfordshire District Council said:

“It's very good news that we have received the first payment under the infrastructure levy. The town council in Henley will be responsible for investing £5,000 back into the area, helping to support the growing community there.

“The scheme was adopted in April 2016, and already nearly £5 million is due to be paid to us. Income from the levy will grow as more and more developers pay in, so this is just a sign of things to come.”

The CIL levy requires developers who successfully gain planning permission for new houses, large supermarkets and warehouses to contribute a sum of money for infrastructure. Exemptions to CIL may apply under the CIL regulations, for instance for affordable housing.