Provisional Statements

A Provisional Statement is used for premises which are intended to become licensed, but which have not yet been built or converted.

A provisional statement allows you to make an application and find out whether residents or other interested parties and responsible authorities are happy with a premises being licensed for gambling. If issues do arise then they may be resolved either informally or formally hearing by means of a hearing, this may result in conditions being attached to the licence.

Before a provisional statement expires, you should apply for a premises licence, which will normally be granted as long as no issues are raised additionally to those approved in the provisional statement.

Applying for a Provisional Statement

Please complete and return the application form (39.8 KB) PDF and the correct fee (17.4 KB) PDF to the Licensing Team (see contacts section of this page for address). The form includes details of the information you need to include with your application.

You will need to submit a plan of the premises - see guidance.

You must also serve notice of your application to each of the Responsible Authorities (68.9 KB) PDF using Form A (64.6 KB) PDF (single applicant) or Form B (78.7 KB) PDF (joint applicants) as appropriate.

If you have any queries about completing your application, contact the Licensing Team.

Considering your application

The process for making and determining your application is the same as applying for a Premises Licence except that you do not need to hold an Operating Licence.

You must advertise a notice in the local newspaper (22.9 KB) PDF covering the area of the relevant premises.

A notice must also be displayed on or near the premises where it can be read by members of the public.

Your licence will be granted unless representations from interested parties or responsible authorities are made, in which case your application will be considered at a hearing. Interested parties are people or businesses (or their representatives) living or operating within the vicinity of the premises.

Duration of the licence

A provisional statement will remain valid until a premises licence application is submitted.

Last reviewed: 28 - 06 - 2016

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