Policy and performance

Performance management

To support continuous improvement councils are required to have effective performance management systems.  We can thus measure performance and our progress in achieving improvements in services.  The performance management system consists of a number of high-level Strategic Objectives , key aims for what we want to achieve and a number of targets against which we measure our progress in achieving our aims.  Performance reports identify progress to date, and enable us to focus on areas where performance is below target.  


The Corporate Plan is the document which brings all of the Strategic Objectives, key aims and measures together and sets the broader policy direction for the Council.  It is set within the context of the South Oxfordshire Community Strategy, 'Our Place, Our Future' and shows the things which the Council will focus on over the next three years to improve its services.  Supporting the Corporate Plan there are a number of more detailed strategies.  These set out proposals for the future of a particular service, for example sports and recreation or across a broad theme such as rural issues.  The detailed actions which each team and individuals will take to implement the Corporate Plan are included within teams' annual Service Plans.

Last reviewed: 06 - 11 - 2013

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