Residents' survey 2014

The 2014 residents' survey painted a largely positive picture, showing that residents were increasingly satisfied with the councils and the services they provide.

Over 1,100 residents were surveyed on the doorstep and asked to respond to standardised questions set by the Local Government Association.

71 per cent said the council was doing a good job (up seven per cent since the last survey in 2011) whilst 80 per cent said the quality of services was good overall (up two per cent).

According to the survey, a key factor behind residents’ satisfaction is a perception that the council was delivering services in a cost-effective manner.  Over half of our residents said that the council provided value for money (up 15 per cent).

The survey also found that:

  • waste and recycling was our top performing service with 88 per cent satisfaction (up 3 per cent)
  • all other services had seen an improvement in resident satisfaction or stayed the same
  • areas for improvement included a need to make the council less remote and more personal and listening to people to find out what they want
  • 97 per cent of our residents enjoyed living in the local area
  • concern with anti-social behaviour was well below the national average

 The council used the results of the residents’ surveys to inform decision making and identify future spending priorities.

A report detailing findings from the survey can be downloaded here.    (3.2 MB) PDF

Last reviewed: 22 - 10 - 2015

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