Community engagement for our new office building in Crowmarsh

Thanks to everybody who filled in our survey about the new council office building we’re planning on our site at Crowmarsh Gifford.

We had responses from members of the public living near the site, neighbouring businesses, and residents from across southern Oxfordshire.

There was a clear consensus between the different audiences responding, all of whom said they wanted:

  • a modern, welcoming design that is in-keeping with the local surroundings
  • a sustainable and eco-friendly building

In general, residents living near the site also said they wanted the following from the building:

  • a public community space, like gardens or outdoor seating.

Requests from the wider community and local businesses included:

  • public rooms to hire
  • value for money.

We have employed a company called Ridge to carry out the design of the new building, and they are using the responses we received to this survey along with responses from our staff survey to help come up with an initial design for the building.

Later this year we will have the initial look and design of our new building and there will be an opportunity for the public to comment.

Please note that we will be publishing a full report of the survey on our website once we are in a position to provide feedback on the comments.

Last reviewed: 25 - 04 - 2019

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